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Welding and Fabrication though to Dry Dock and Shipyard project management. Marine Engineers and Engineering Machine Shop. Make sure you choose Switch Engineering Marine Services - The specialist vessel repair, refit and modification company. 

Switch Engineering ltd

Why Choose Us ?

Since 2014. Our small friendly team of dedicated and exprienced profesional trades, has gone above and beyond , successfully completing ship repair work. Understanding our customers requirements whilst suiting their every need. We work with vessel owners of all Leisure, private and
Commercial vessels. We repair vessels of all shapes and sizes. To keep them in exellcent sea worthy condition. Including Ships, House boats, Canal boats, Yachts, Sail boats, Motor cruisers, Tugs and Fishing vessels.

Our Marine Services

Switch Engineering Ltd

Provides a wide range of marine engineering services. Our marine engineer`s are specialist technical professionals, whom design, develop, build and install, inspect and offer a marine repair service for a vessel hulls and superstructures. and a boat repair service for Machinery and equipment.

 Our marine engineers and our marine repair service and carry out mechanical repairs and mechanical inspections on marine engines and marine propulsion systems. Our welders and fabrication team hit hammers against metal and burn their fingers tips regulaurly for good cause, whilst performing damage or corrosion repair and vessel modifications.

 We are fully committed to supply the best level of service to our custmers, whilst being cost effective. We offer full technical support for our services products and installations. Our engineering repair services are available to everyone though-out the ports, harbours and marina`s of the UK.

Marine repair Service

What ever your need mechanically. Switch Engineering Ltd is here to help. Our is aim is to offer you a cost effective solution to your marine engine and auxiliary equipment servicing and repair, with our marine engineers your inboard and outboard marine engines and drives are in Safe hands.

Marine Weld and fabrication

At Switch Engineering our team of welders are qualified and have many years of experience. We use Arc welding, TIG and Mig Welding Proucedures. We undertake all marine welding jobs. We can be coded to suit marine coded weld approval sandards from Brithish Standards BSEN 287/1  and Lloyds Registar, We have a full on-site Welding service available nationwide. Please get in touch for a quotation.

Dry Docking and Shipyards

 Offers vessel owners a comprehensive project management solution for piece of mind, We are experts in all aspects of any vessels dry docking or time in ship yards for repair. We provide a health and safety trained technical superintendent. pProven to save time and money overseeing surveryors findings and contractors, Creating work schedules and daily reports of ongoing projects, completing any work ontime and in budget.

Engineering Machine Shop

We can machine most materials to suit most applications and requirements. From nuts bushes and bearings to replacement shafts et in touch for a quotation.

Shot Blasting

From pressure washing through to shotblasting and UHP water blasting. We have the abiltiy to clean up the dirtiest of hulls and superstructures.

Painting nd Antifowling

Our Marine painters can use various paint manufacturers systems and products to achieve the perfect finsh and long lasting protection.

PM Systems

What is a preventive maintenance systems and how to use effectively ?

 Preventive maintenance system (or preventative maintenance) is maintenance that is regularly and routinely performed on physical assets to reduce the chances of equipment failure and unplanned machine downtime that can be very costly for maintenance teams and facility managers. Effective preventive maintenance is planned and scheduled based on real-time data insights, often. A preventive maintenance task is performed while the equipment is still working to prevent unexpected break downs. A preventive maintenance strategy is a commonly used approach that falls between reactive maintenance (or run-to-failure) and predictive maintenance.

Why is preventive maintenance important?

Preventive maintenance is important because it lays the foundation for successful asset management. Preventive maintenance keeps equipment and assets running efficiently, maintains a high level of reliabilty and longer life of equipment, and helps you avoid large and costly repairs down the road. Overall, a properly functioning preventive maintenance system ensures operational disruptions are kept to a minimum.

Why do you need a preventive maintenance system?

A preventive maintenance system helps you organize and prioritize your maintenance tasks so that a maintenance technician is able to create the best working condition and life span for the equipment. By conducting regular preventive maintenance, you can ensure your equipment continues to operate efficiently and safely.

Maintaining a preventive maintenance schedule can be very complex when dealing with a lot of equipment, so maintenance personnel often use preventive maintenance software to organize their preventive maintenance tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q what is Marine weld
A Welding on boat.
Q Welding a steel hull boat?
A Can be time consuming.
Q Marine weld and fabrication service on the solent?
Q Marine welder near me?
Q Marine welder jobs?
A We are always intrested in adding to our team of marine welders
Q When is marine welding used?
A Marine weld is a term used for welding on boats
Q Are marine engineers in demand?
A Yes worldwide
Q who is a famous marine engineer?
A Franz Kessler.
A Is there any marine engineer job opportunities?
A: Always looking for talented people.
Q Marine engineer near me.
Q:Marine engineering services near me?
Q; Marine engine reconditioning?
A: Yes full service.
Q; Boat repair near me
A: Yes
Q: Boat engine repair near me?
A: Yes
Q: Marine services near me 
Q: Marine weld is strong?
Q: Marine welder near me?

Q: Drydock longboat key?
A: Nice food.
Q: Drydock near me?:
A: Ship yard near me.

Hamble point Marina, Hythe Marina, Mercury Yacht Harbour, Port Hamble, Shamrock Quay, ,Port Solent, Southsea Marina, Yacht Haven Lymington, Emsworth Yacht Harbour, Sparkes Marina, River Medina Cowes Haven, Deacons Marina, Hamble Boat Yard
House boat repair locations thames london

The Solent has many types of ports:-

Major Commercial Ports and docks: in Southampton, and Portsmouth

Military Ports in Portsmouth and Marchwood Military Port

Ferry Ports in Ryde, Cowes, Yarmouth, Lymington,  and Fishbourne

Yacht Marinas in Chichester Harbour, Hamble, Lymington, Yarmouth, Cowes,  Langstone, Gosport, Fareham. Bembridge, Beaulieu, Portsmouth and Southampton

Leisure Harbours in Langstone, Chichester, Beaulieu, Bembridge, Newtown, Keyhaven

Additionally, there are safe launching facilities for trailer boats in many locations in the south coast